Buckle up!

The rogues’ gallery of anti-Semitic, Q-curious, nutjob ex-felons is shaping up nicely for speakers at CPAC. The cherry on the CPAC sundae is, of course, Trump. But he’ll certainly be too focused on his ‘Greatest Witch Hunt” nonsense, along with his IRS persecution complex, to be much of a rallying force. He’s also got the mountain of pain he’s causing his sons and the mob moll, Ivanka. They should be going out of their minds today given the Trump taxes are going to a grand jury.

We’ve been saying for years now the Trump Organization can’t go against the juggernaut of the US Government. In the past they all just endured and paid off the lawyers and sometimes the plaintiffs. There was a lot of willful blindness on the part of the DOJ and flying under the radar by Trump & Co. But that’s all ended now. Having become President, Trump stupidly brought that scrutiny on himself. Now there’s no more winning ever.

They are all going to be exposed as the frauds they are. Once the public opinion tide really goes against them, all their back door deals with our enemies such as Russia and China and the House of Saud are going to start coming out.

We’d like once more to remind everyone that traitors go to ADX Florence Supermax prison in Colorado. There, every cell is solitary. This is where traitorous FBI Agent Robert Hanssen is held, arguably the most successful Soviet double agent of the last century.

With Merrick Garland soon being sworn in as Attorney General, we will finally begin to see how “blind” Bill Barr has been. A terrible focus will now be on Trump & Co. without the residual sympathy for them, because they will be exposed. Buckle up.

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