Rachel Maddow highlights Donald Trump’s suspicious payments to Ivanka Trump

Now that the Manhattan District Attorney and his grand jury are just days away from getting Donald Trump’s complete tax returns, Rachel Maddow used her MSNBC show tonight to highlight some of the earlier revelations about Trump’s tax returns that were previously unearthed by the New York Times – which are now placed in a new context.

For instance, Donald Trump used the Trump Organization to make a series of lucrative consulting payments to Ivanka Trump, and then he wrote them off on his taxes. It wasn’t illegal for Ivanka to accept those payments, but Donald’s write-off very much appears to have been felony tax fraud.

Of course the New York Times never did publish Trump’s tax returns, and instead merely wrote about certain specific details that it found suspicious. The New York grand jury is going to be able to compare every line of Trump’s tax returns to what he was actually doing with that money, and place it all into full context. It’ll run much deeper than what the New York Times flagged.

But Rachel Maddow was wise to use her show tonight to circle back to the few revelations that have already surfaced about Donald Trump’s tax returns, because it provides a good head start on what we can end up expecting from the grand jury when it inevitably indicts Trump.

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