Nancy Pelosi gives the boot to Mike Pence

Mike Pence doesn’t live here anymore. That’s the message that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent today when she effectively kicked Pence out of the House by taking away the office that her Republican predecessor Paul Ryan had given him. So what’s she doing with this, and why is she doing it?

The move is largely symbolic. As the sitting Vice President, Mike Pence already has an office on the Senate side of the Capitol building. In fact NPR says that Pence rarely even uses his House office. Pence won’t shed any tears over this. But this particular move isn’t about harming Pence. It’s about sending a message to the public that she’s planning to dismantle this illegitimate administration after all.

This comes just one day after Pelosi made the strategic move of publicly stating that she’s not going to try to impeach Donald Trump at this particular time. The clear implication was that she’s waiting until she has her hands on the kind of evidence that can ensure that impeachment will result in removal. Sure enough, this put the Resistance in an uproar, just as she was counting on, and now the public is beating the impeachment drum even more loudly, which works in her favor.

But because Nancy Pelosi knew she would take some heat from the people who can’t figure out how to read between the lines, she’s throwing them a bone today by kicking Mike Pence out of his own office. It’s just one small symbolic sliver of what all she has up her sleeve when it comes to dismantling the Trump regime and taking them down.