Adam Schiff hints at Nancy Pelosi’s real strategy to take down Donald Trump

Yesterday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that she’s not going to try to impeach Donald Trump at this time because it wouldn’t result in his ouster, and that she’s waiting until she can get her hands on more devastating evidence of his crimes. The media then tripped over itself in the race to insist that Pelosi had just “ruled out impeachment” forever, scaring a lot of observers into thinking that impeachment won’t happen. But now Adam Schiff is hinting at Pelosi’s real strategy for taking Trump down.

As the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff is deeply involved in the House investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes, and he surely knows what Speaker Pelosi’s overall strategy is. So it’s a big deal that when Schiff spoke with reporters this morning, he signed off on what Pelosi just said about impeachment, even while hinting at a far more devastating strategy instead.

Adam Schiff used the opportunity to make the argument that there is already enough publicly available evidence for Donald Trump be indicted, even before getting that what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to expose. Schiff then went on to make the argument that if Michael Cohen belongs in prison for the crimes he committed with Donald Trump, then Trump belongs in prison as well.

In other words, House Democrats are doing more or less precisely what Palmer Report expected them to. They’re setting up a scenario where Donald Trump knows he’ll be indicted and arrested the second he’s no longer president. Combine that with New York State dropping a big hint yesterday that it’s going to start seizing Trump’s assets while he’s still in office, and it adds up to Trump being in a no-win situation and only having one way out.

The longer Donald Trump tries to remain in office, the worse it will get for him. His kids will be arrested. His assets will be seized. His ugly crimes and humiliating scandals will continue to be exposed. And he’ll have a lifelong prison sentence waiting for him at the end of his presidency. Rather than try to stick it out and continue to get dismantled, at some point Trump will realize his only way out is to once again declare “bankruptcy” by negotiating a resignation deal in exchange for less time in prison.

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