Blabbermouth Donald Trump just doesn’t know when to quit

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Donald Trump talks too much. We all know that. He is, as many people know, a blabbermouth. Blabbermouth is a nickname for people who talk too much. And Donald Trump? He could have invented the word.

Donald Trump is definitely not the type of person one should EVER tell their secrets to. This is because the man does not know how to shut up. He has no boundaries and no ability to switch the “off ” button in his rambles. He is a tried and true, pure blabbermouth to the core.

And it’s BECAUSE he is a blabbermouth that he will likely talk too much on truth social or wherever he chooses to post after he’s arrested.

Now he will be warned not to. Who knows. There might even be a gag order. But — and this is purely speculative — I believe trump will speak out anyway. The reason why? He’s blabbermouth.

Among Trump’s many vices, which include but are not limited to (cheating on wives, making threats, scarfing chicken nuggets, cozying up to dictators, inciting insurrections, stiffing contractors, and talking about himself in the third person) is the vice of being a blabbermouth.

Donald Trump can’t shut up. He doesn’t want to shut up. He would not know HOW to shut up. And I do not believe he will shut up about his indictment.

Now I could be wrong. But we shall see. We shall see how quickly trump sets about breaking the rules and inevitably being reprimanded by the Judge. Perhaps he’ll lose his social media privileges all over again. Wouldn’t THAT be something?

Blabbermouths inevitably get themselves in trouble simply for BEING blabbermouths. I doubt trump is any different in that regard. We’ll see.

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