Robert Mueller’s investigation into Roger Stone takes bizarre new paternity turn

Based on what’s surfaced publicly about grand jury proceedings, it’s clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is digging into every inch of Roger Stone’s life, and is seeking to indict him for any and all crimes he’s ever committed, not just his role in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. We’ve seen bits and pieces when it comes to what other angles Mueller might be taking when it comes to Stone. But now things have taken a bizarre new turn.

Roger Stone was banned from Twitter a long time ago, but he’s still making increasingly strange posts on Instagram. In the past week it’s been reported that Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Stone’s friend and former prostitution ring leader Kristin Davis to testify before the grand jury. So what exactly does Davis have to do with the criminal case against Stone? As it turns out, Stone is the one talking about it.

Here’s what Roger Stone posted last night to Instagram, along with a photo of Kristin Davis and a young child: “Why do FBI agents dispatched by Robert Mueller keep asking my friends if I am the father of this baby and what does that have to do with Russian collusion in the 2012 election.” For the record, we’re pretty sure he meant the 2016 election. The only way the FBI would be poking around in a personal matter like this is if it relates to a criminal matter. So if Stone is telling the truth about this, he just gave away that the paternity of this child is somehow part of his pattern of alleged crimes.

Of course Roger Stone has a consistent habit of lying about people, and making baseless – and often deranged – accusations. For instance, just this week he blamed Robert Mueller for a 9/11 coverup, and then claimed that he was being surveilled by an unmarked white van. So if Stone is making up this whole story about the FBI investigating the paternity of his friend’s child, then it serves to demonstrate just how desperate Stone has become. Either way, this is not a good sign for him.

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