Bill Barr makes absurd new move to soothe Donald Trump’s hurt feelings about being impeached

The impeachment of Donald Trump officially began yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee, and it you want a sign of just how petrified Trump is of this process, he went on to give a speech last night in which he couldn’t pronounce half the words correctly. If you want a sign of how much Trump’s handlers worry about impeachment causing Trump to fall apart, look no further than Bill Barr.

First, there was Bill Barr’s leak yesterday about former FBI official and Trump nemesis Andrew McCabe being indicted, although that narrative is falling apart in real time. Now Barr is trying a new tactic which is equal parts overreaching and laughably pointless. Barr has had the Department of Justice file a forty page brief about the impeachment probe.

Trump’s DOJ isn’t trying to stop the impeachment process, nor can he magically do any such thing; there is literally no way for Barr to shut down the impeachment process. All this brief is doing is arguing that the impeachment probe isn’t actually an impeachment probe. What’s the point of that? Legally speaking, none whatsoever.

The only reason for Bill Barr to file this brief is to convince Donald Trump that he’s not actually being impeached, when he is in fact being impeached. It’s an attempt at soothing Trump’s hurt feelings, calming his fears, and (fictionally) convincing him that everything is going to be alright. Trump increasingly sounds and acts like a malignant infant when he appears in public these days. It’s becoming clear that his remaining allies feel they have to treat him like one.

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