The emoluments case against Donald Trump has been reinstated in court at the worst possible time for him

When a federal court threw out the emoluments case against Donald Trump earlier this summer, it looked like a rare victory for him. Since that time, Trump and his regime have been increasingly flaunting the practice of inappropriately steering money into Trump’s properties. But that’s turned out to have been a bad move, because the emoluments case was just reinstated by an appeals court. So now what?

House Democrats, and some of the Democratic candidates running for president, have clearly been plotting to use Donald Trump’s emoluments crimes as part of their strategy for painting him as a career criminal who’s corrupt beyond measure. But that was going to be a difficult argument to make when Trump had a court ruling in his pocket which (incorrectly) stated that his emoluments crimes somehow weren’t crimes.

Now that the emoluments case is back in action, the House Democrats’ argument gets much stronger heading into 2020. Of course that argument has already been made much stronger, thanks to the events of the past two weeks.

First we saw Mike Pence going out of his way in high profile fashion to stay at a Trump resort on the taxpayers’ dime. This led the media to dig up the fact that the Trump regime has been bussing U.S. military personnel around to various Trump hotels, so it can put military funds into Donald Trump’s pocket. If they thought they were off the hook because the emoluments case had been thrown out, it turns out they were quite mistaken.

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