So this is how Bill Barr is going to play it

This week Donald Trump’s lapdog Lindsey Graham announced that the Department of Justice will release the Inspector General report into the Trump-Russia probe origins on December 9th. As we’ve explained, Attorney General Bill Barr will obviously doctor the report to Trump’s liking, and Trump will take it as a victory, even though it won’t gain Trump a single vote. Now we’re seeing details on the nonsense that Barr is about to unleash.

Barr has leaked to CNN that the DOJ is investigating an FBI official for having allegedly altered the paperwork that led to a FISA surveillance warrant being approved against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. This all too conveniently fits with one of the most baseless, deranged, and laughable pro-Trump conspiracy theories, which is that the FBI turned itself inside out in order to frame a nobody like Page of being the (witting or unwitting) Russian asset that he clearly was.

So this is how Bill Barr is going to play it, apparently. He’s going to announce that this FBI official was criminally conspiring against the Trump 2016 campaign. There will likely never be any actual prosecution of this official, who probably just made a typo or something, because that would backfire. But Trump will still spin it as proof that the “Deep State” was out to get him from the start, just as he did after Barr falsely leaked that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was being indicted.

Perhaps Bill Barr’s doctored report will include additional similar false allegations against people who don’t have a big enough microphone to fight back. This will be a travesty, but it won’t gain Trump a single vote. It’ll merely help ensure that Barr goes to prison for a long time once Trump is gone, as Trump’s allies continue to pursue pointless antics in the name of pleasing an increasingly delusional Trump.

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