The moment in Fiona Hill’s testimony that’s going to come back to bite Donald Trump

Every dystopian thriller movie has that one rogue character whose villainous actions make no logical sense to the protagonist. Then comes the moment where the protagonist learns that the rogue character is actually doing the ugly bidding of more powerful characters, and it all makes sense. This brings us to Fiona Hill and Gordon Sondland.

Fiona Hill publicly testified today that she angrily confronted Gordon Sondland, confused by his villainous actions, when she thought that he was playing games with U.S. policy toward Ukraine simply because he was a mischievous idiot. That’s when Sondland tried to defend himself by explaining that his orders were coming from people at the top, like Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo. That’s when she realized that Sondland hadn’t gone rogue; the entire Trump administration was rogue.

This helps shatter any notion that Gordon Sondland, or for that matter Rudy Giuliani, was merely an out of control freelancer who was causing needless trouble behind Donald Trump’s back. The prevailing narrative will now be that Donald Trump and his entire top brass were carrying out this criminally anti-American plot in coordinated fashion – and they were hiding it from people like Fiona Hill and a few other honest people because they knew it was wrong.

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