Bill Barr goes off the rails after Lev Parnas incriminates him

Last night, Lev Parnas went on the Rachel Maddow show and directly incriminated Attorney General Bill Barr in a criminal plot to get Kremlin oligarch Dmitry Firtash to smear Robert Mueller. It’s not clear the extent to which Lev can substantiate this, but it is clear from Barr’s reaction that he’s afraid of where this is heading.

Bill Barr’s Department of Justice just leaked to the New York Times this afternoon that it’s running some kind of investigation into supposed leaks on the part of former FBI Director James Comey. We could write a book about all the objectionable things that Comey has done. But the Trump regime has been “investigating” his supposed anti-Trump leaks for years and has found nothing, which means Comey didn’t leak anything.

Given the timing, this can’t possibly be a coincidence. Lev Parnas has incriminated Bill Barr in the kind of crime that – if substantiated – guarantees Barr will be indicted and arrested the minute Trump is gone, meaning Barr desperately needs Trump to pardon him on his way out the door. Now half a day later, Barr is leaking something to the NY Times that makes it look like he’s going to magically take down Trump’s nemesis James Comey. It’s pretty clear that Barr is openly pandering for that pardon.


Of course by announcing another phony criminal investigation into an innocent person, Bill Barr is committing yet another felony. But at this point Barr’s life is over unless he gets that magic pardon from Trump, so perhaps Barr feels that he has nothing left to lose by escalating his crime spree. To be clear, nothing is going to happen to Comey. We’ve seen Barr leak these kinds of fake criminal probes into Trump’s enemies before, and they never go anywhere.

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