Bye Bye Bill Barr

In the end, Attorney General Bill Barr turned out to be as much of a paper tiger as Palmer Report had come to suspect he was. After he tried and failed to meddle in the Flynn, Stone, Cohen, Lev, Igor, and Bannon cases, he spent the final several weeks of the election cycle simply hiding.

Even as we waited to see what Bill Barr might have been up to during the long and contentious stretch when the votes were being counted, in the end the answer ended up being “nothing.” The window of time has now come and gone in which Barr could have helped Trump try to somehow rig the election, and it simply didn’t happen.


This means, along with everyone else in this wretched administration, Bill Barr is now out of a job, as of January. The question now is whether Donald Trump fires him immediately out of frustration, or if Trump reluctantly keeps Barr around to try to help him with endgame pardon antics and such. But either way, Barr is a goner along with Trump before much longer.

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