Joe Biden just blew Donald Trump out of the water on Twitter

Donald Trump set something of a record earlier today when he falsely declared victory on Twitter shortly before he was formally declared the loser of the election – a tweet which has received a stunning 880,000 mostly negative replies. Now Joe Biden has stepped to the plate on Twitter with a very different result.

When Joe Biden posted a tweet accepting his election victory, it received 2.7 million likes in just the first five hours alone. That means it’s already the thirteenth-most liked tweet in the history of Twitter [Update, 6:30pm: now the tenth-most liked tweet in history]. It’s also more likes than Donald Trump has ever gotten on any of his tweets. Biden has already blown Trump out of the water on his favorite platform.


Speaking of Twitter, here’s a thought: in January the @POTUS account on Twitter will belong to Joe Biden, and the @VP account will belong to Kamala Harris. That’s right, Kamala will be taking control of Mike Pence’s Twitter account. That’s fitting.

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