Donald Trump goes berserk about everyone and everything as the impeachment process against him finally begins

You got the feeling that Donald Trump knew what was coming today. He spent all morning and afternoon lashing out at everyone and everything, trying to pick as many fights and generate as many controversies as possible, as if he were attempting to distract us from the bombshell that ended up dropping this afternoon: the House Judiciary Committee began the impeachment process against him.

The House Judiciary Committee announced this afternoon that it’s making a new filing in its ongoing court case against Donald Trump, specifically arguing that it needs the disputed evidence and testimony so it can make a determination about impeachment. Committee Chair Jerry Nadler confirmed that this was “in effect” an impeachment inquiry. Constitutional experts agreed.

You’re going to see a number of major news outlets fail to accurately report that the impeachment process began today, because they’d rather slow-walk the narrative, for fear that the peanut gallery will accuse them of jumping the gun. But the reality is that the impeachment process did in fact begin today, formalized in a court filing no less. Donald Trump seems to fully understand this, as evidenced by his series of outrageous tweets today.

Thus far today Donald Trump has attacked Apple, Google, the World Trade Organization, Joe Biden, China, the media, French wine, and even Fox News. He appears to have known since this morning that this impeachment court filing was going to happen, and he also appears to understand just how bad this is for him.

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