President Obama steamrolls Donald Trump on Twitter

Arguably, half the reason Donald Trump ran for president is because of his massive inferiority complex when it comes to Barack Obama. Since taking office, Trump has continued his negative obsession, as he’s tried to dismantle Obama’s most important accomplishments. But today, Obama reminded Trump who’s boss.

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to make headlines right now, to the point that he doesn’t care if they’re positive or negative. He’s begun referring to himself as the messiah. He’s purposely tanking the U.S. economy. He’s picking fights with everyone he possibly can. Trump will do anything for attention right now.

Yet all Barack Obama had to do today to take over Twitter was to post this tweet: “With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy.” His playlist, which included music that spans genres and decades, quickly racked up more likes than Donald Trump has gotten for any of his tweets in quite some time.

“Barack” also promptly began trending atop Twitter, as Donald Trump’s various antics got steamrolled right out of the trending topics list. Meanwhile, Trump is busy using his own Twitter account to misspell the names of world leaders, and trying to write off his own most deranged moments as if they were a joke. No wonder President Barack Obama is still the boss in the eyes of most Americans. You can find the Obama playlist here.

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