Bad news for Ron DeSantis already in Disney’s suit against him

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This is a story about a man. At least SOME think of him as a man. Others view him as a monster from hell. Whatever he is, this person, wrapped in human skin, with a brain the size of a pea, has been through one adventure after another — with his best pal, his buddy, Mickey Mouse.

This is the story of Ron DeSantis. All Ron wanted was a little respect. So when Disney refused to show him said respect, DeSantis determined he’d make their life miserable. And he proceeded to try to do just that. But because Ron DeSantis is not very bright, it all backfired on him.

Mickey and Disney steadily worked their way into his head. The more Ron went after them, the more insane he became. He started to become a laughingstock in his state. People watched with interest as the mouse squirmed inside his brain, turning it into silly putty.

It’s been a wild ride — Perhaps it’s been Disney’s best ride. But now the die has been cast! And in a substantial escalation, Disney has sued the unstable Governor. Oh, Ronny — this is not good for you. Perhaps you could hide in Cinderella’s castle, although I suspect you’d be thrown out pretty quickly.

Disney is fed up. They tried to avoid this litigation, but Ron made that impossible. So they sued. And they will win. It’s evident to most that DeSantis did this IN RETALIATION for Disney, putting out a statement saying they stood with the LGBTQ community. That’s ALL they did. And DeSantis has never forgiven them for it.

Perhaps he took one too many mad teacup rides. “The Government action was patently retaliatory, patently anti-business, and patently unconstitutional” Disney said in their filing. But that’s not the only news. In a stroke of REALLY bad luck for the morose Governor, the Judge on the case — well — let’s just say he isn’t a major fan of DeSantis.

This is the US. District Judge Mark Walker. You may remember him. I even wrote an article on him. He is the Judge that blocked the stop woke act. Walker blocked it and, in his opinion, started with a quote from George Orwell’s 1984. Not good news for Ronny-boy.

And this litigation will stick to Ron like dog-crap. He will be asked about it on the campaign trail. Mickey and his buddies will follow Ron relentlessly wherever he goes and whatever he does. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

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