Donald Trump goes off the deep end, seeks the arrest of Omarosa

With his criminal scandals closing in on him from all sides, it looks like Donald Trump has decided to instead focus his limited remaining political muscle on his battle with a fellow former reality show stooge. That’s right, nevermind that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is taking down people who are ever closer to Trump. Forget about the Democrats, who are in position to take the majority in November and oust him. Instead, Trump is focused on Omarosa – and now he’s incredibly seeking her arrest.

Donald Trump is now telling his advisers that he wants Attotney General Jeff Sessions to have Omarosa arrested as punishment for her new tell-all book and the secret White House recordings she’s been releasing. This sounds like something from the Onion, but it’s actually coming from Vanity Fair, which has previously demonstrated that it has reliable sources in Trump’s inner circle. So where does this leave us?

There are no legal experts who believe that Omarosa has committed any crime with her secret recordings. Donald Trump is rather ignorant of the law in general, so maybe he mistakenly thinks otherwise. Or maybe Trump wants Omarosa arrested without regard for whether she’s broken any laws. Either way, by announcing to his political advisers that he wants the Department of Justice to arrest Omarosa, he’s violating her civil rights – and he’s very likely committing a crime of his own.

In any case, the big picture here is that Donald Trump has clearly become clinically obsessed with petty personal revenge against a former ally – and he’s also just that afraid of whatever else Omarosa might have on tape. He seems perfectly willing to destroy himself in the name of trying to destroy her.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report