Andrea Mitchell completely jumps the shark

– Andrea Mitchell used her MSNBC show today to dishonestly accuse President-elect Biden of not being forthcoming about his foot injury. Mitchell is “Exhibit A” of pundits who were absolutely terrible for years and got us into this mess, then became a bit more honest during the worst of the Trump era because they felt they had to, and are now going right back to being absolutely terrible now that Trump is out. We cannot let this backslide happen. We must push back against these kinds of pundits and either keep them honest or drive them off television.

– In the 2016 race, the Russians reportedly tried to hack every candidate on both sides, in order to help Trump. It’s notable that Trump’s three biggest remaining cheerleaders – Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz – were all candidates against him. Is Trump blackmailing them? It’s a serious question, and one that the Feds should be pursuing as a matter of national security.

– The worst of Republican Senators are throwing an absolute fit about President Biden’s OMB nominee Neera Tanden, a reminder that she’s a leftist who scares the crap out of the Republicans. It makes it all the more absurd that the alt-left is also attacking Tanden for supposedly not being a leftist. At some point you realize the alt-left isn’t about who’s progressive and who isn’t; it’s just a cult of personality.

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