President-elect Joe Biden announces Inaugural Committee

– In yet another reminder that Joe Biden really did win and really is about to take office, he announced the Biden Inaugural Committee today. So far it largely consists of a Twitter account and a merchandise page, but it’s another step forward in the traditional process of a President-elect taking office.

– Biden went ahead and made it official today, announcing the widely respected Janet Yellen as his Secretary of the Treasury. She’ll be the first woman to ever hold the position. Yellen’s Deputy Treasury Secretary will be Wally Adeyemo. As a reminder, Yellen is replacing Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who is facing legal trouble due to his overwhelming corruption.

– So a bunch of whining and crying Trump fans at the Hyatt Regency didn’t stop Arizona from certifying its election results as required by law? Shocking. It’s the latest reminder that Trump’s effort to “contest” the election really was just performance theater for the sake of milking whatever he could out of his gullible supporters. It was dangerous, criminal, even treasonous, and it’s yet another reason he must go to prison, but it never had any chance at all of magically overturning the election.

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