And so it begins

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Welcome to doomsday month. We warned you it was coming. The mainstream media, which exists to score ratings and turn a profit, sees that you’re all apprehensive and vulnerable in the wake of the Republican Senate’s sham acquittal of Donald Trump. So the media is swooping in to exploit your worst fears by trying to convince you that Trump has now been magically “emboldened” and that he’ll now magically win in 2020. It’s already begun.

This afternoon the New York Times published a steaming pile of horse crap aimed at trying to convince us that because Trump has been acquitted, he’s going to… start committing crimes? It’s kind of hard to follow. Wait a minute, because we seem to remember him having spent every day of the past three years committing the most severe crimes he could think of. He kidnapped and murdered children. He treasonously tried to blackmail a foreign government into rigging his own reelection. His entire presidency has been a fully emboldened and fully unrestrained crime spree.

But don’t worry, because the New York Times โ€“ along with nearly every talking head on CNN and MSNBC โ€“ is here to convince you that his crime spree will now get worse. They can’t tell you how this is supposed to happen, or what he’s supposedly going to do that’s even worse than the fully unrestrained crime spree he’s already been on. But that’s okay, because the Times article used the word “emboldened” over and over again, and that should be enough to scare you into believing that Unspecified Bad Things are about to happen.

When you step back from it, you realize that this is a laugh-out-loud nonsensical narrative. Donald Trump has been “emboldened” and “unrestrained” from the start. His dimwitted antics have landed him a roughly 40% approval rating, and terrible odds of reelection. Now we’re supposed to believe that acquittal is somehow going to make his dimwitted antics more effective?

The “Trump emboldened” narrative has been manufactured by the media to scare you into staying tuned in. It also paralyzes you into staring at the doomsday predications all day, instead of getting out there and fighting Trump. This nonsense is truly harmful โ€“ but only if you fall for it. In this election we’re facing the same old half-witted Trump as ever, with the same low approval rating as ever. He’s easily beatable. The outcome in 2020 will be decided by whether we put in the work required to beat him, or whether we let the media manipulate us into believing that Trump now has magic powers and we shouldn’t bother to finish him off.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!