Amy Coney Barrett is a deranged freak show of an extremist

– Amy Coney Barrett is a deranged freak show of an extremist who is creepily obsessed with taking away the most basic rights of a couple hundred million Americans. If the media portrays her in any other way, they’re being dishonest about it. Then again, Amy Coney Barrett is basically Mike Pence when it comes to deranged extremism, and the media continues to falsely portray Pence as some kind of reasonable person. We have to continue to pressure the media to do better.

– The thing that continues to define this election – and what makes it fundamentally different from 2016 – is that Joe Biden’s lead is still holding as steady as ever. For instance, the new ABC News poll has Biden up by ten points nationwide, which is precisely where it had him six weeks ago. The overall national polling averages continue to have Biden up by eight points, where he’s been for the entire race. In other words, if we turn out in proper numbers, we’ll win, and it won’t be close.

– What is shifting is the Senate landscape. Over the past week we’ve seen a number of Senate races come alive for the Democrats, along with huge fundraising hauls. Get to know Theresa Greenfield in Iowa, Jaime Harrison in South Carolina, MJ Hegar in Texas, Jon Ossoff in Georgia race #1, Raphael Warnock in Georgia race #2, and Mike Espy in Mississippi. They can all win, and we can take the Senate majority.