Donald Trump’s allies are finally figuring out Robert Mueller is winning

It’s become more apparent than ever that Donald Trump and his gang, who conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election, were in far over there head – and they’re finally starting to realize that fact. It’s common knowledge that prosecutors like Robert Mueller never ask questions that they do not already know the answer. However, apparently this fact caught former Trump aide Michael Caputo by surprise when he was questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Speaking to CNN, Caputo provided the following advice: “I think the president should stay far, far away from the Mueller investigation. These folks are very well prepared. Every question they asked me, they already had the answers to.” While this shouldn’t have come as a shocker to anyone with knowledge of Mueller’s experience or what is already known about his investigation into Trump’s numerous crimes, it seems Caputo was caught off guard, and felt it necessary to warn his former boss.

“I think I see a little bit more about where they’re headed with this thing, and if the president were sitting in the same situation I was in, I wouldn’t think he would want to do it,” Caputo stated. While there have been considerable mentions that this would be a “perjury trap” for Trump, that’s not really a thing if someone plans to simply tell the truth. However, someone like Trump, who has told more than 3,000 lies since his inauguration, would not likely be able to sit down for five minutes with Mueller without committing perjury.

Caputo and others in Donald Trump’s inner circle have made claims that the Special Counsel’s investigation isn’t actually looking at Trump’s conspiracy against the United States. But Mueller would never take such a critical case, possibly the most important in American history, in a direction that he was not completely sure of the result. That should give Trump excessive apprehension, while increasing the confidence of average Americans hoping this stain on American history will come to a positive conclusion.

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