Allen Weisselberg resigns

You probably saw this coming. Last week Allen Weisselberg was formally removed from a leadership role in one of Donald Trump’s companies. Earlier this week he was removed from dozens of Trump companies. Now Weisselberg has resigned from the trust that controls the Trump Organization – and there’s a twist.

Because the Trump Organization is such a ramshackle mess to begin with, it’s not immediately clear if Allen Weisselberg is still the CFO now that he’s resigned from the Trump Organization trust, or if he’s completely out on his butt. But the twist is that according to the Washington Post, Weisselberg’s name began disappearing from Trump-related companies days before he was indicted.

In other words, this process began as soon as it was revealed that Allen Weisselberg was about to be indicted. Talk about a quick panic move. But here’s the thing. Given that this process began before the indictments came down, you have to wonder who’s really doing this.

Did Donald Trump begin the process of ousting Weisselberg from the Trump Organization the minute he found out Weisselberg was going to be indicted, as a way of distancing himself from Weisselberg? Or did Weisselberg begin removing himself from these positions as a way of distancing himself from Trump?

In other words, all eyes are on Allen Weisselberg to see if or when he ends up cutting a plea deal after all. Weisselberg is looking at prison time, and at his age, that’s not much of an option. Prosecutors are also reportedly targeting his sons. We’ll see what happens, but it appears something is afoot.

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