All hell is going to break loose in Texas

How would you like to be a bounty hunter? Not for Halloween. I speak of it in real everyday life. Would you like that? Because, like it or not, you just might get your chance. As we all know, the Texas abortion law is horrific. Biden and his Justice Department are challenging it, and the Supreme Court is to hear arguments — on the PROCEDURAL aspects of the law.

It is that word — procedural — I’d like to focus on. Per, the meat of the argument for the Justice Department and abortion providers is that by letting the Texas law stand, this type of process could spread to other states and other rights. How about the right to bear arms?

“Tomorrow, it might be gun buyers who face private, civil liability for firearm purchases,” the abortion providers said. Cornell University Law Professor Michael Dorf agrees, calling the possibility “state-sanctioned lawlessness.”

There are no limits, says the Justice Department. Who knows when and how other states may choose to adopt these wrongful procedures into law if the highest court in the land does not act?

I think that perhaps guns could be the next target. Perhaps all of us could receive monies, for example, if we rat out specific gun owners.

How about protests? Maga’s protests have been known to incite violence. Who knows what procedural designs could be implemented to stop the Trump rallies? How would the GOP like this “law” then?

Of course, the other side is arguing earnestly this will never happen. It appears the Stepford men of Texas feel this law is relevant in only one way — to keep women enslaved to their gross and chauvinistic ways. Only that is not how these things work, and they should know this.


These things tend to happen in waves. And if the Texas law is not struck down, who knows? The next Bounty Hunter could be you. And the next thing to go, just maybe guns. I would like to see the reaction from the GOP were this to happen.

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