The Supreme Court has finally gotten something important right for once

When it comes to Republicans and the question of SCOTUS control, the question of Roe v. Wade being overturned immediately comes to mind, but there are other dark implications that a hard right SCOTUS could mean for America that are quickly coming to light right now. Namely, there is the question of whether or not the highest court in the land can overturn guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency when it comes to things like clean air and drinking water, which could make much of the progress made on environmental legislation a thing of the past if Roberts’ court were able to rule in the Republicans’ favor.

While the GOP has relied on packing the court to draw their voters back for more, they haven’t always been successful in getting everything they want, however. In fact, Friday was a significant setback for Republican governors like Ron DeSantis, who is filing a suit against federal vaccination mandates. Although the SCOTUS is 6-3 conservative, a number that doesn’t seem likely to change for a while, the high court ruled 6-3 against blocking a vaccine mandate in Maine, refusing to hear the case of unvaccinated workers who claimed the policy would violate their religious freedoms.


This is a clear victory for mandates and a strong suggestion that taking them down will be harder than the GOP assumed. Governors like DeSantis were hoping to prevent economic progress and growth by keeping vaccination numbers down and forcing people to partake in expensive therapies that are still not fully proven effective, all while blaming Democrats for the lack of economic progress and failing to take care of the pandemic. Fortunately, the economy is improving and the numbers of cases are down while vaccinations are on the rise.

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