All hell breaks loose in the Trump-Russia scandal

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For a week which initially felt like it might be comparatively uneventful one in the Trump-Russia scandal and investigation, it’s turned out to be anything but. Over the past few days so many pieces have fallen into place, and so many people are now in such deep trouble, including some major new revelations about things that secretly happened months ago, it’s fair to say that all hell has suddenly broken loose.

We’ve got Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivering subpoenas to Donald Trump’s business associates this week, in order to specifically corner Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen. We’ve got the new revelation that Mueller carried out search warrants related to Paul Manafort last month, which were probably against one or more Russian oligarchs. We’ve also got the new revelation that Mueller secretly seized Manafort’s bank accounts last year, and for some reason, Mueller is strategically choosing to make it public right now.

Too much is happening. Too much is surfacing. The last time we saw this many of these kinds of details suddenly coming out of the woodwork, it was just before Michael Flynn cut his plea deal. The time before that, it was just before Manafort and Rick Gates were arrested. Something is up. For the past few weeks, it’s appeared that Mueller was about to make a move on Roger Stone and Julian Assange. That’s probably still coming – but none of these new pieces seem to fit with that storyline, which means that we’re looking at something else here.

In fact we’re likely looking at two different Trump-Russia storylines here that are about to explode, one relating to Michael Cohen and Trump’s business deals, the other relating to Paul Manafort and his financial deals with Russian oligarchs. Come to think of it, is it possible that those two storylines are part of one big storyline? The one thing we’ve learned with Robert Mueller is that sometimes he makes the obvious move, and sometimes he does the last thing we were expecting. Whatever it is, something big is about to happen – and Donald Trump isn’t going to like it.

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