All Hail Nancy Pelosi

There was cheering. There was celebration. There were children on stage. There was Tony Bennett in the audience. And for the first time in two years, there was hope for America. Nancy Pelosi swung the gavel, signifying that she’s now Speaker of the House, and that the Democrats now control the House. But this wasn’t a mere transfer of partisan power. This was the United States finally retaking control of a key piece of its own government after having seen it hijacked by a treasonous foreign plot two years earlier. So now what?

First, all hail Nancy Pelosi. She excelled as Speaker of the House back in the day, then lost the job when her party lost the majority. Now, after eight long years, she’s regained the title. She pulled it off despite the opposition party having tried to make the 2018 elections all about preventing her from retaking power. She’s staved off challenges from her left and right within her own party, and she has – for now at least – brought an ideologically diverse party together in focused unison.

Second, although Nancy Pelosi is a crucial player in what comes next, she’s merely one piece of the puzzle. The House is full of newly elected liberal Democrats, many of them young, many of them women, many of them people of color, all of them with a clear mandate to move America to the left while moving Donald Trump out of the White House. That’s before getting to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has picked off most of the people around Trump, and is about to make his big endgame moves.

But today, for the next few hours at least, Nancy Pelosi is the story. She’s the best field general that America has when it comes to liberating our nation from the ongoing illegal Trump-Russia occupation. Now she’s officially the highest ranking legitimately elected member of the United States government. We’re about to see her wage war against the Trump-Russia cabal, and they have no idea what’s about to hit them.