That sound you hear right now is Donald Trump howling in pain

If you listen carefully enough right now, you can hear it. No, not the cheers coming from mainstream patriotic Americans who spent the past two years working so hard to make sure this day arrived. I’m talking about the whimpering noise coming from under a desk in the Oval Office, where Donald Trump is currently hiding and sobbing – and for good reason.

Nancy Pelosi, the most frequent target of the Republican Party during the 2018 midterm elections, is now Speaker of the House. Maxine Waters, a consistent target of Donald Trump’s racist barbs, is now chair of a prominent House committee. Adam Schiff, the guy whom Trump once dubbed “Adam Schitt” out of frustration, is now the head of the House committee that was previously run by one of Trump’s corrupt puppets. These storylines have all come full circle in an instant today, and yet they’re just getting started.

Pelosi used her most prominent interview today to officially put the prospect of criminally indicting Trump on the table. Waters looked overjoyed today when she posed for a photo with Pelosi. Schiff, who never shows his cards, simply tweeted “Now let’s get to work.”

Donald Trump, for his part, has said nothing thus far about today’s turnabout. Sure, he tweeted a racist meme about Elizabeth Warren, and a racist video about immigrants, but that’s just standard fare for him – and standard fare isn’t going to keep him afloat now that the opposition party has formal control over a major government body and can take a proverbial blowtorch to him in official fashion. No wonder Trump isn’t sure what to say.