All 50 states certify election results: Joe Biden wins with 306 electoral votes

With yesterday’s “safe harbor” deadline having come and gone, all fifty states have now certified their presidential election results. To the surprise of precisely no one outside of Donald Trump’s idiot base, Joe Biden has won the Presidency with 306 electoral votes.

Sure, the Electoral College still has to vote on Monday, but that’s a formality at this point. Faithless electors aren’t really a thing, as the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of state laws that prohibit electors from going rogue. Nor is Trump’s joke of a Texas lawsuit going anywhere. In other words, it’s over.

Of course it’s been over for more than a month. Trump is still pretending to drag it out, partly because he’s still raising “election legal funds” from his gullible supporters, which he’s then mostly pocketing. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s over. Joe Biden is the President-elect, and Donald Trump is just a guy who’s about to lose his job and get evicted ahead of facing severe legal troubles.

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