Everyone piles on after Donald Trump has bizarre meltdown about bookies

– Now that the Supreme Court has rejected him, Donald Trump’s argument for why he secretly won the election is that “bookies” said he was going to win. No really, bookies. This guy is the most pathetic sore loser of all time.

– Trump’s Texas election lawsuit has the same odds of succeeding as all his other election lawsuits: literally zero. His odds don’t magically improve just because he’s more desperate. And no, it doesn’t matter how many state Attorneys General sign on to the Texas case. They all know it’s not going anywhere. They’re just trying to curry favor with what’s left of Trump’s base.


– Tweet of the day, from CNN’S Wolf Blitzer: “This Just In. All 50 States and DC have now officially certified their presidential election results. The Joe Biden national popular vote lead over Donald Trump is more than 7 million votes – 51.3% to 46.8%. Biden has 306 Electoral Votes; Trump has 232. (270 needed to win.)”

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