Alex Jones’ top sidekick has just been criminally indicted in January 6th Capitol attack

Earlier today Reuters published a bizarre report – complete with suspect sourcing and misleading article construction – which essentially claimed that Roger Stone and Alex Jones were in the clear when it came to the January 6th Capitol attack. Not only did Palmer Report pick it apart in detail, we asked why allies of Stone and Jones were choosing now to call in whatever favors necessary to get such an article published. Now we’re apparently getting our answer.

InfoWars host Owen Shroyer, a sidekick of Alex Jones, has just been criminally charged for his actions in the January 6th attack, according to multiple major news outlets including the Washington Post. So this explains the timing of the misleading article that was planted in Reuters early today.

By getting the Reuters article planted this morning, allies of Stone and Jones managed to lay the groundwork such that some observers will mistakenly view this evening’s indictment of Jones sidekick Shroyer as a standalone thing that Jones and Stone are insulated from. We say “mistakenly” because, now that the Feds are going as far as arresting Shroyer, it’s obvious that they intend to do the same to Jones. In fact they’ll surely push Shroyer hard to flip on Jones.


Now we know a few things. First, those who took the Reuters report at face value, and began calling for the resignation of the Director of the FBI, once again jumped the gun. Second, these kinds of complex multi-layered investigations really do take time to work their way toward the top. Third, it’s now clear that the probe is indeed getting close to to the top; if the flipping is successful, Shroyer gets you to Alex Jones, who gets you to Roger Stone, who gets you to Donald Trump. Finally, Reuters sure has a lot of explaining to do.

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