Alan Dershowitz gets ripped to pieces after idiotic meltdown

If you’d told us a few decades ago that we’d end up having to explain to Alan Dershowitz how the law works, we’d have been certain you had it backwards. He was once a leading legal expert. But in recent years he’s begun consistently pushing gibberish legal takes aimed at helping his corrupt friends.

For instance, most of you reading this know that while attorney-client privilege exists by default, it goes away in instances where the attorney and the client are committing crimes together. We’d guess this is taught on roughly day three of law school. But apparently Alan Dershowitz has conveniently forgotten that it exists:

It’s probably time to stop asking why Alan Dershowitz keeps spewing bad legal takes that even the average American knows are hilariously wrong, and start asking why Alan Dershowitz is spewing bad legal takes to try to protect a certain clique of people who all just happen to be connected to Donald Trump. Whatever is really going on here behind the scenes, Dershowitz has been willing to throw away his entire reputation and legacy just to try to stay on top of it.

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