The Liz Cheney debacle just keeps getting uglier for the Republicans

Decency is an important quality to have. And sadly, many GOP politicians do not know the meaning of the word. The GOP is seemingly determined to put the breaks on human decency as fast as possible. Decency is not a trait the insurrection party seems to admire. Take the case of Representative Liz Cheney (Republican-Wyoming.)

There is now open talk about removing Cheney from her leadership position, and many Republicans seem intent on making it happen. And what is the reason for all the resentment against Cheney? Well, Cheney is still herself – in other words, she’s showing decency.

Cheney continues to speak out against the January 6th domestic terrorist attack. She has also recently suggested that any Republican who supported the big lie not be allowed to run for President in 2024 – which I have to tell you sounds just about perfect to me.

Sadly, her statements have angered Republican “leaders” (or they are playing angry because the former guy told them they should). But Kevin McCarthy (coward-insurrection party-California) is not defending her, and most of the party is seemingly furious that Liz will not toe the line.

It is a sad reality that we no longer have two working Political parties. We used to. But these days, what we have are one Political Party and a cult. If the Republicans continue to push out anyone and everyone who might have an opinion of their own, they are in for a rude awakening at the ballot box.

Most Americans have decency. Decency is a vanishing commodity in the insurrection party. Until they find a way to get it back, they will exist as nothing more than a group of bullies who worship at the altar of a man who has no regard for any of them.

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