Donald Trump’s alleged Adderall abuse takes on a whole new context

In December, Newsweek reported Tom Arnold’s claim that Donald Trump crushed and snorted Adderall on the set of the Apprentice. It allegedly got Trump in the right mood to be combative for his big “you’re fired” scenes. Noel Casler, who worked on the set of the apprentice made similar claims about Trump’s use of the drug.

The drug Adderall is sometimes taken to increase focus, and mental alertness. It can also make a person unusually combative, irritable and it can cause dry mouth. Donald Trump’s alleged past use of the drug Adderall is interesting in light of recent developments.

I noted last week that after watching Brett Kavanaugh and then Matther Whitaker testify, their performances had some odd similarities. Namely, both men consumed an unusually large amount of water during their appearances. The second odd similarity between Kavanaugh’s appearance and Whittaker’s, was that both men were surprisingly combative. Both men displayed a combative nature that was inappropriate for the ocassion, and seemingly, at least somewhat out of character.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber reported that Brett Kavanaugh was coached by the White House before his hearing. Many people speculated that Trump specifically told Kavanaugh to come out swinging and get angry during his questioning. Could Donald Trump’s alleged use of Adderall to prepare himself for his combative “you’re fired” scenes on the Apprentice, be related to Kavanaugh and Whitaker’s bizarre, combative performances?