We told you the House Democrats were about to drop the hammer on Donald Trump

When The House Intel Committee revealed earlier this week that it was hiring CREW chairman Norm Eisen as a legal adviser, Palmer Report explained that it was a sign the House Democrats were going for the kill against Donald Trump. You simply don’t make a provocative hire like that unless you intend to take Trump down. Now we’re getting confirmation that House Democrats are indeed dropping the hammer.

An unnamed House Democrat has met with a group of reporters in private and spelled out how the plan of attack against Donald Trump is about to go down. Three different House committees will simultaneously go after Trump over his criminal finances and money laundering, and they’re not waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to finish his work and issue a report. Instead they’re diving right in.

In Palmer Report’s view, there are two reasons the House Democrats are diving in right now. The first is that they might find things Mueller didn’t. The second is that the televised hearings will allow them to educate the public about Trump’s crimes, thus putting them in prime position to go into impeachment mode the minute Mueller’s work is done, because they’ll have already laid the groundwork for it.

Donald Trump has already shown enough of his hand when it comes to his defense. He’s going to argue that his criminal election collusion with Russia, no matter how thoroughly proven, wasn’t actually a crime. That’ll leave at least some Americans wondering if it really is a crime to rig an election. But a whole lot more Americans understand that things like bank fraud and Russian money laundering are crimes, and on some level ousting Trump will come down to convincing the people in the middle that he truly is a hardened criminal.