Amid James Mattis controversy, Trump administration inexplicably sends actor to do Pentagon briefing

Yesterday, Donald Trump refused to tell 60 Minutes whether or not his Secretary of Defense James Mattis will remain on the job. Then Trump bizarrely accused Mattis of being a “Democrat.” So now that the most stable guy in Trump’s cabinet is suddenly at the center of controversy, and America no longer knows if it’s still going to have a Defense Secretary or not, the Trump regime has found a way to make the whole thing even stupider.

The Pentagon – that five sided building that’s run by Secretary of Defense James Mattis – decided to hold a press briefing today. Oh good, so we were going to get to hear from Mattis, and he was going to clear up the worsening confusion about whether he’s staying on the job? No. So we were going to hear from his deputy, then? Again, no. In something that sounds straight out of The Onion but really did happen today, the Pentagon press briefing was conducted by actor Gerard Butler. No, really.

Gerard Butler took the podium today to discuss his experiences filming his new movie “Hunter Killer” which is focused on a Navy submarine. Again, this really happened, as documented by ABC This Week and others. In another time and place, this kind of PR stunt might have been harmless. But sending him out for a Defense Department briefing, one day after the Secretary of Defense’s job officially became in jeopardy? Come on. Then again, Gerard Butler is the guy from Olympia has Fallen, a movie about a White House disaster. So maybe this is just truth in advertising.