Absolute cowardice

The debate on Tuesday was despicable. Donald Trump said that insulin was as cheap as water, he attacked Joe Biden over Hunter Biden, and he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” The aftermath was pretty much that this guy is unpresidential, but as always, some of the weak kneed GOP came to his defense.

First and foremost was Senator Susan Collins, who claims to be pro choice but has voted for all of Trump’s nominees, and basically does a lot of shoe staring as she mumbles something about how she will proceed. With respect to the debates and who is to blame for the proverbial shit show, she stated, “I think there was fault on both sides.”

On Friday, when discussing why Trump is losing in Maine, Collins again had no backbone: “I think his style is perhaps one that not many people are used to in their leaders. It’s certainly different from my own. That does not however take away from some of the economic accomplishments.” Senator Mitt Romney, who also does not like to attack Trump too often, said, “I thought it was an embarrassment last night, the debate.”

Others, such as Senator Tim Scott, suggested Trump misspoke when he told the Proud Boys “stand by” as if a lifetime of what Trump has said casts any doubt. Finally, Fox and the right were blaming Chris Wallace, whom Peter Navarro referred to as Biden’s “cut man.” All of it is preposterous and making things seem as if Trump is not who he is. He told everyone again last night, when he refused to disavow white supremacy, but also warned again about “there goes the suburbs,” a clear signal to his supporters. Finally, the Proud Boys have incorporated his words into their logo, so they appear to believe who Trump is. Too much soul searching by the GOP for this president.

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