Here’s what Donald Trump was about to say when Fox & Friends abruptly kicked him off the air

Donald Trump went on such an unhinged and self-harming bender during his appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning that the hosts ended the interview early. It was an unprecedented development for a sitting President of the United States. Considering the incestuous relationship between Trump and Fox & Friends, it can be assumed that they did it in the hope of preventing him from doing any more harm to himself. So what exactly was Trump about to say when they cut him off?

Donald Trump had already admitted that Michael Cohen isn’t really his attorney, and that he really did spend the night in Moscow during the Pee Pee Tape timeframe. By the time Trump was cut off, he had moved on to laying out his fantasy about seizing control of the Department of Justice and forcing it to only investigate the things he personally wants investigated. If Trump hadn’t been cut off, he probably would have specifically called for an end of the investigations into the criminal activities of him and his associates, in favor of phony investigations into Trump’s political enemies such as Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

But Fox News regularly pushes for phony investigations into Trump’s adversaries. So why would Fox feel compelled to prevent Trump from ranting about it? The most logical explanation would be that Fox feared he was coming across as too dictatorial in nature. It’s one thing for political pundits to call for investigations into Trump’s political enemies by falsely insisting that such investigations have merit. It’s another for Trump start publicly talking about forcing the DOJ to conduct such investigations without even bothering to pretend that there was a legitimate reason why.

Fox News viewers may be rooting for Donald Trump to seize control of the United States government like an Emperor. But the hosts of Fox & Friends, who are basically paid actors reading a script they know will appeal to their crazed viewers, are well aware that other people outside of Trump’s drooling base were going to hear about what Trump was saying on their show. Our best guess is they cut him off for that reason.