2024 is already looking like a dumpster fire for the Republicans

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There has been so much talk lately about who the GOP nominee for the 2024 Presidential election might be. Everyone has a theory, and everybody is impatient to know. It’s still far too early to really get a sense of who might run and who might win, but I would like to break it down a bit with some of the names readers have suggested and other names that pundits have suggested.

Let’s start with Ron DeSantis. I’ve written before that I doubt he will be a contender. That doesn’t mean he won’t run. But the facts of the matter are DeSantis is utterly bereft of charisma.

He has a whiny voice, he has no personal charm, and he’s irritating as all hell. Plus, he would never be able to get the minority vote. I do not see his appeal outside of Florida. I think were he to run, he’d be eaten alive, and believe me, other nominees would pounce on him.

Ted Cruz. He might run. It would certainly be entertaining if he did. But basically, I think anyone reading this has a much better chance of becoming president than the most hated man in the Senate.

Josh Hawley. Never. The fist pump destroyed him as a politician, although he seems the last to know it.

Mike Pompeo. I bet he will run, and I also think he will not break one percent.

Chris Christie. See Pompeo.

Nikki Haley. See Pompeo.

Pence. His views are way too outside the mainstream, and Maga hates him, so it is very doubtful he’d even make it to one percent.

John Bolton. He’d be an excellent spoiler, would he not?

Governor Glen Youngkin. There was a time when he worried me but no longer. One thing about Youngkin is he has to stay out of the spotlight and not talk that much. The more he speaks, the more foolish he sounds.

Besides, he has now become wildly unpopular in Virginia, and I doubt we’ll be hearing much from him in the future.

Mitt Romney. Several of you have mentioned him, and I think he’d have a shot if the GOP were as they used to be — sane. But now Romney is hated by Maga for daring to vote for trump’s impeachment, so I doubt he could win the nomination.

Tim Scott. He may try. The problem is the GOP will, in all likelihood, not elect a woman or a minority.

So who does that leave? Lots of people. I think it will be someone not on this list. The one thing I’m certain of is it will be someone absolutely awful.

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