Exasperated Rex Tillerson loses it while at White House, begins yelling at Donald Trump’s staff

No one outside of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin knows why Trump chose ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State. That seems to include Tillerson, who has no idea why he was picked for the job, and has clearly never wanted it, and seems to only be there as a figurehead while Trump dismantles the State Department at Putin’s request. It’s all left Tillerson exasperated to the point that he’s finally exploded.

While at the White House, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lost control of himself and began yelling at a top Donald Trump staffer while in front of other Trump staffers, according to a Politico report (link). As it turns out Tillerson’s frustrations with Trump are largely the same as those who oppose Trump: the State Department isn’t being staffed, the United States government no longer has a diplomatic arm, and Tillerson has no role beyond holding the title.

Trump had lured Rex Tillerson into the job by telling him that he could hire anyone he wanted for the State Department. But Trump and his White House have gone on to block the appointment of any Democrats at all, or Republicans who have ever criticized Trump. Because nearly every self respecting person in government has a low opinion of the unstable Donald Trump, it means that basically none of Tillerson’s hires are being approved.

Rex Tillerson seems to be in the process of finally figuring out what outsiders surmised from the start: the Putin-controlled Trump White House doesn’t want there to be a State Department, because the Russian government doesn’t want the United States to have any diplomatic influence anywhere in the world. Even though Tillerson has a longtime close business relationship with Putin, he must not have known that he was supposed to take the job and do nothing while Trump destroyed the State Department. It’s enough to make one wonder when the exasperated Tillerson will end up resigning. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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