Nineteen of Donald Trump’s White House staff and advisors have been fired or resigned this week

When Donald Trump promised he’d drain the swamp, he didn’t tell us he meant he’d be getting rid of his own people. While the public’s focus has been on Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned on Monday due to his role in the Trump-Russia scandal, it turns out Flynn is just one of nineteen of Donald Trump’s White House staff and advisors have been fired or resigned this week – and the list is growing by the day.

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The mass exodus from the White House this week has gone far beyond Michael Flynn’s infamous resignation. On Thursday, six others White House staff members – including at least one who was personally loyal to Trump himself – were fired and escorted out of the building after they were flagged by the FBI. Also on Thursday, ten members of the White House Advisory Commission all resigned in protest of Trump’s racist policies. But the bloodbath was just getting started, and it grew stranger on Friday.

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First came the news on Friday that HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s top advisor Shermichael Singleton had been fired without Carson’s knowledge and escorted out of the building after it was discovered that Singleton had previously criticized Donald Trump during the course of the campaign. And then White House National Security Council Director Craig Deare was also fired on Friday for making fun of Trump behind his back. But wait, there’s more.

In addition to the above nineteen people who were fired or resigned from Donald Trump’s White House this week, there have also been other notable recent departures. Michael Flynn’s top deputy Robin Townley was forced out of the job by the CIA last week. And then there’s the case of White House chief information security officer Cory Louie, who was fired and escorted out of the building two weeks ago, and mysteriously hasn’t been heard from since. Can the last one out of the White House turn out the lights?

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