Hungarian sources: Donald Trump campaign collusion with Russia was headquartered in Budapest

Even as everyone from the FBI to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to the media to the public tries to piece together the how and why of the Donald Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia, portions of which are already well evidenced and substantial, sources in Hungary are now making the claim that the collusion was headquartered out of Budapest.

Dr. András Göllner, a Hungarian political dissident now based in Canada, has laid out a sweeping premise in his pubication Hungarian Free Press. In it he makes the case that Arthur J. Finkelstein, a longtime Donald Trump associate who is currently working for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, was at the center of it all. Since rising to power, Orbán has been closely aligned with Vladimir Putin and has allowed the Kremlin to do what it likes within Hungarian borders. And various Trump campaign advisers spent the election orbiting in and around Budapest.

For instance Göllner points to the six trips which Donald Trump campaign adviser J.D. Gordon took to Budapest (source, additional source), where he publicly took positions on Ukraine that were in line with the Kremlin. Gordon has already publicly admitted that he was part of the Trump campaign team who met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Republican National Convention (source), which resulted in the Republican Party platform being changed to reflect the Kremlin’s position on Ukraine.

Göllner also points to current Donald Trump White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, who had documented close ties to far-right extremist groups when he lived in Hungary. But the core of his premise is that the Trump-Russia collusion all had Arthur Finkelstein as the centerpiece, with Finkelstein’s client Orbán having given free reign to Putin to use Budapest as a de facto headquarters for his collusion with the Trump Campaign. You can read the treatise in two segments (Part 1 and Part 2) on the Hungarian Free Press website. Contribute to Palmer Report

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