You bought him, you break him: regretful Donald Trump voters have a moral responsibility to oust him

So you voted for Donald Trump. Now that he’s in office, you’ve realized he’s more or less the incoherent traitorous psychopath that his detractors tried to warn you about. It’s big of you to acknowledge that you got it wrong, that you wish you hadn’t voted for him, that you wish he hadn’t won. But it’s not enough. You’ve got to do more.

Here’s the problem with simply changing your mind about Trump this late in the game: everything that’s now blindingly apparent about him was at least fairly apparent when you voted for him. You’re concerned now that he appears to have conspired with Russia to illegally tilt the election in his favor? He had to get rid of his campaign chairman Paul Manafort during the election after it was discovered that he’d been taking millions of dollars in payments from the Kremlin. Trump and his team have been Russian traitors all along.

You’re angry now that Trump is using his office to funnel money to himself and his kids and his old friends? His nonprofit Trump Foundation was busted by the State of New York for being a phony scam during the election. His fake Trump University was busted as well. The guy’s been a financial criminal his entire life – or did you think he’s declared bankruptcy six different times just out of happenstance?

You’re concerned now that Trump has surrounded himself with nothing but buffoons in the White House? His most visible White House staffers, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway, were also visible buffoons during the campaign. And they arguably weren’t even the worst campaign people Trump had. His first campaign manager Corey Lewandowski assaulted a reporter during the campaign. His third campaign boss Steve Bannon (who came after the Russian traitor was fired) has a history of allegedly beating his wife. His campaign spokesperson before Conway was Katrina Pierson, who was arrested for shoplifting. Trump was just as surrounded by garbage when you voted for him as he is now. Even a cursory look at his personal history reveals that he’s surrounded himself with nothing but garbage his entire life.

If you weren’t fully aware of all of the above about Donald Trump during the campaign, it’s only because you weren’t paying attention. And if you were that far detached from the biggest storylines of the most important election of your lifetime, you shouldn’t have voted in it. This is not to condemn you. It’s simply to point out that, after having been reckless in voting a monster into the White House, you have a moral and social responsibility to do something to fix it.

And it’s not enough to simply say “I regret having voted for him.” It takes a lot to admit something like that. But it doesn’t help anyone who’s being negatively affected by Trump’s catastrophic reign, which has done more damage to America in six weeks than even a criminal like Nixon did in six years. So do something now to atone for it. Talk to your like-minded friends who also voted for him, and get them to come out publicly against him as well. Drive his approval rating below thirty percent, and he’ll probably resign or be impeached. Change enough minds and you’ll have helped to oust him. Start changing minds now, before the guy you voted for gets us all nuked. Contribute to Palmer Report


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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report