‪No wonder he wants immunity: Michael Flynn lied about Russian payoff on White House disclosure forms‬

The coverup often ends up being more illegal than the original crime being covered up, and Michael Flynn is quickly finding that out the hard way. Flynn’s efforts at hiding his communications and financial arrangements with Russia have already put him on the hook for two felonies: lying to the FBI and failing to register as a foreign agent. And now Donald Trump’s White House is being forced to acknowledge that Flynn also lied on his White House financial disclosure forms by omitting the money he was taking from Russia and Turkey.

It’s now been revealed that Mike Flynn left at least $150,000 in income off the financial disclosure forms he filled out when he took the National Security Adviser position in Donald Trump’s White House. Even more strangely, he submitted the falsified disclosure forms two days after he was publicly exposed as having discussed sanctions during the transition period with the Russian Ambassador (source: Time Magazine). That points to motive; he lied on the form to cover up his Russian ties at a time when the scandal was exploding in the media.


We’re still attempting to assess the legal implications of Flynn falsifying the form. But if it is a felony, that’s the third one he’s now on the hook for. No wonder he’s asking for immunity. But he won’t be given it unless he’s willing and able to deliver the goods that would take down a bigger fish – such as Donald Trump.

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