Donald Trump’s latest meltdown reminds us he’s just as far gone as Sam Nunberg

Yesterday, former longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg became the talk of the political world when he appeared on several TV networks and provided one bizarre interview after another. Nunberg vowed to go to prison to protect Roger Stone in the Trump-Russia scandal, even while semi-coherently claiming that the likes of Stone, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Carter Page were all guilty. Nunberg was so far gone, one interviewer asked him if he was drunk.

Here’s the thing: we’ve seen this kind of thing before from the Trump camp. Most of the time, however, we see it from Donald Trump himself. He’s had numerous public appearances and Twitter meltdowns that were every bit as off the wall as Nunberg’s performance yesterday. In fact he had yet another such incident this morning, when he began attacking – of all things – the Oscars. That’s not shocking, considering that the entertainment industry is now actively trying to rid itself of sexual predators and racists like Trump. But then Trump added this: “Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President.”

He went on to claim he was just kidding. But this isn’t a guy who comes up with jokes, or understands jokes when he hears them, or understands what jokes are in general. In his mind, he truly is the only “star” in town. Trump is completely delusional. He then inexplicably replied to his own Oscar tweet with an unrelated rant about President Obama and immigration, a reminder that he’s so far gone, he doesn’t even seem to know what he’s doing anymore.

This was not Donald Trump’s worst meltdown. It wasn’t among Trump’s hundred worst meltdowns. But it was a reminder that Trump is a profoundly disturbed person. Even as we have serious discussions today about whether Sam Nunberg might be an immediate danger to himself and others, and he now says he’s considering entering a treatment center, we need to be talking about the fact that Donald Trump is just as dangerously far gone. We shouldn’t view Trump any differently than we view Nunberg, simply because Trump is a longtime public figure who happens to be (illegitimately) occupying the White House. If Trump acted this way on a street corner, he’d have been taken into custody by now.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report