Roger Stone goes off the deep end on MSNBC, rambles about Trump-Russia “treason”

One day after longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg had a Trump-Russia meltdown on MSNBC for the ages, his longtime friend Roger Stone appeared on the same network to discuss the same scandal. Stone started off calmly and never did go quite as far off the deep end as Nunberg did, but he did become more agitated as the interview went on, with his voice frantically climbing higher as he got more nervously defensive. He also may have given away some things about the Trump-Russia scandal that he shouldn’t have.

For instance, Stone claimed on-air today that there is a FISA surveillance warrant against him. It’s not the first time he’s suggested this, but considering that we now have official confirmation of the FISA warrant against fellow Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, this now becomes more relevant. Of course the targets of FISA warrants aren’t told they’re under surveillance, so it raises the question of how Stone could know this. In other words, has someone leaked this to him, or is he lying about it?

Stone is also predictable claiming that he never had direct contact with WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange, even after major media outlets reported otherwise last week. Nunberg gave away yesterday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a grand jury going against Stone and Assange for having conspired together over stolen emails during the election, so Stone may be in more trouble than he’s letting on. But then Stone said something he may end up soon regretting.

Roger Stone told MSNBC host Chuck Todd that he didn’t collude with the Russians, because doing so would have been treason. In fact he used that exact word – “One trick that’s not in my bag: treason.” In other words, Stone just said that any Trump people who colluded with the Russians did commit treason. Considering how many Trump advisers and family members did in fact collude with the Russians during the elections, what did Stone just give away?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report