Donald Trump has spent the past two weeks expecting Donald Trump Jr. collusion tapes to surface

Now we know what’s really been going on inside the Donald Trump team on these past two weeks, and why so few of its actions and decisions seemed to line up with the scandal that’s been playing out: this wasn’t even the Donald Trump Jr scandal they were expecting. It’s been sitting there in plain sight all along. But now that a key new piece has fallen into place, it’s become clear that there are Donald Trump Jr collusion tapes, and Trump expects them to surface soon.

For weeks I’ve been pointing back to a manic two-part tweet that Donald Trump posted on June 26th, in which he came out of nowhere and began denying the existence of “tapes” of Trump people “colluding” with Russia. Why was he suddenly denying the existence of tapes? What tapes? No one in the mainstream media was suggesting that there were collusion tapes. But now we know what Trump secretly did the very next day: he hired his son a lawyer.

One day after Trump tweeted about collusion tapes on June 26th, the Washington Post now says that he turned around and hired an attorney for Donald Trump Jr on June 27th (link). But when the New York Times story first began to break two weeks later about Junior’s collusion meeting, the Trump team’s response was to issue a partial denial. That means the Trump team didn’t know the Times had more coming and was going to end up making that denial look foolish. So this wasn’t even the Trump Jr. scandal that the Trump team was preparing for. This one caught them off guard. They’re preparing for something else, presumably coming from a different newspaper.

In hindsight, it’s fairly obvious that Donald Trump found out on June 26th that tapes of Donald Trump Jr colluding with Russia were going to surface. He began publicly denying it, because that’s what he always does, and he immediately got his son a lawyer because he knew how incriminating those tapes would be. Are they tapes of the meeting we know about? Are they tapes of another collusion meeting, or of a phone call? We don’t know. But Donald Trump found out on June 26th that his son is caught on tape colluding – and he tried to tell us that it’s going to hit the newswires before much longer. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report