Constitutional expert now thinks Donald Trump will resign

Donald Trump’s scandals fell into a bottomless pit this week with the confirmation that his campaign, and indeed his own son criminally conspired with the Russian government to rig the election in his favor. Trump and his family seemingly no longer have any way out of this, even as the nation struggles to figure a way out of this. But one Constitutional expert thinks he knows what’s going to happen next, based on what options are and aren’t still on the table.

Philip Bobbitt, a professor and Constitutional scholar, has laid out the path he sees going forward in a new article in British publication The Standard (link). He believes that if Donald Trump tries to pardon his own children, it’ll cement his own impeachment, removal and eventual prosecution. So if he uses this method to try to keep his kids out of prison, he’ll end up in prison himself instead.

So Bobbitt has instead settled on this conclusion: “The likeliest possibility is the President’s resignation, as a consequence of the criminal prosecution of his children. Whatever his policy goals, it has long been clear that creating a dynasty — having destroyed the two reigning political dynasties in the last campaign — is his greatest objective. Resignation, as remote as it seems right now, might well be a choice the President would make to save his children from prison, and himself from future prosecution.”

Of course this would be contingent on the rest of the government and the American public finding such a deal acceptable. Donald Trump and his children would essentially be let off the hook for the most treasonous crime in the nation’s history, simply to get them out of office and return the United States to a legitimate democracy. And Bobbitt address the fact that Mike Pence, who would become President in such a scenario, increasingly appears to have been part of the treasonous collusion plot himself. Are we looking at multiple resignations? If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.