Someone is leaking the details of Donald Trump’s “nut job” conversation with the Russians

Donald Trump can’t seem to make up his mind whether he wants to sound tough on those who leak secret information, or whether he wants to leak secret information himself. Now it turns out his fateful Oval Office meeting with the Russians has ended up consisting of both. But here’s the real question: who’s leaking the embarrassing details of the Trump-Russia conversation?

First came the inside leak about Donald Trump having given highly classified information to the Russians during the meeting. But now comes an even more bizarre leak about that conversation given to the New York Times today (link). Trump told the Russians that he had indeed fired FBI Director James Comey in order to make the Russia investigation go away.Trump also told the Russians that Comey was “crazy, a real nut job.” What I want to know is just who’s leaking all of this.

The Times says that its source for the story is “a document summarizing the meeting,” but it doesn’t say from where the document came. Very few people were in the room to begin with, yet one of them has leaked this embarrassing “nut job” conversation. Did the Russians provide this summary document to the Times, or is one of Donald Trump’s own most highly trusted people now leaking these things in an effort to sabotage him from within?

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster says he was in the room during the meeting, for instance, but he’s the one who ran out and defended Donald Trump after word broke about Trump giving secrets to the Russians. If McMaster the one leaking these details, then he would have to be playing the role of a double agent, publicly defending Trump in order to maintain his trust, while privately selling him out to the media. That may seem unlikely. But is it any more likely that anyone else in the room leaked this? Someone, either in Trump’s inner circle or in the Russian government, is going cloak and dagger against him.


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