Trump-Russia election hacking scandal just got even worse for Donald Trump

Yesterday, Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump’s scandals are now closing in on him, on one too many fronts. He’s already attacking the FBI because its top officials are witnesses in the obstruction of justice case against him. He’s preparing to attack Michael Flynn, who has cut a plea deal against him. His surrogates are attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but they’re no closer to getting rid of him. Now the Trump-Russia election hacking conspiracy, the scandal at the heart of Trump’s treason, just got a whole lot worse for him as well.

Russian independent news outlet TV Rain just ran an interview with an imprisoned Russian hacker who says that not only did he hack the DNC on behalf of the Kremlin, he left a digital signautre behind that can prove it (link). It’s not entirely clear why this is happening. Rain is no friend of Putin, so it’s possible that this hacker is going rogue with his confession. But it’s unlikely that Rain could have gotten access to the prisoner without Putin’s approval, so the odds here are that this is all being orchestrated by Putin. Further, the hacker wouldn’t be confessing to this crime, even if he’s guilty, unless the Russian government was offering him something in return.

The bottom line is that it very much looks like Putin is shoving this imprisoned hacker to the forefront so that he can confess, thus helping to demonstrate Trump’s guilt. Why? Perhaps Putin still thinks he can strong arm Trump into somehow finding a way to get sanctions lifted. Perhaps Putin is so upset at Trump’s inability to get sanctions lifted, he’s just punishing him.

In any case, this makes things a lot worse for Donald Trump. This digital signature can help prove that Trump is lying when he claims that the Russians had nothing to do with hacking the election. More importantly, proving the Russian government hacked the election can go a long way to connecting the dots and proving that Trump was in on it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report